Honors Programme

The Honors Programme in Contemporary Thought: Philosophy and Political Thought seeks to reward the academic excellence of students of Diego Portales University and to create a space for the study, debate, and reflection of philosophy and political thought, a space where professors and students from various disciplines can build relationships and exchange ideas about the political and social environment they live in. At the same time, it provides the best students of the university with the opportunity to expand their interests and knowledge and to engage in reflection and dialogue with students from other disciplines.

The graduates of the Honors Programme will possess conceptual and methodological tools that complement their professional training. Together with expanding their understanding of general culture, the programme will help them develop skills that are necessary for academic and professional life.

The students who complete the programme will be capable of:

  • analyzing and critically evaluating issues in the history of philosophy, political and contemporary thought;
  • understanding philosophical texts and problems, connecting them to the current political and social situation;
  • adopting the research methods peculiar to philosophy;
  • writing academic texts which satisfy high standards of expression and argumentation and show a capacity for independent research.