PhD Programme in Philosophy

Starting in 2012, the Instituto de Filosofía of the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile and the Institute of Philosophy of Leiden University in the Netherlands initiated a joint PhD Programme in Philosophy. The programme is taught at the IDF in Santiago and leads to a doctoral degree awarded by both institutions. It was designed within the framework of the extensive collaboration that exists between the two institutions.

The intention of the PhD Programme in Philosophy is to provide a space for academic training, research and debate on contemporary philosophical issues. The specialty areas of the programme are Modern and Contemporary Philosophy and Political and Social Philosophy.

The curriculum seeks to provide a forum for the development of research by the teachers and students of the programme. The topics and approaches that are covered are sometimes highly interdisciplinary, although the training provided, the methodology taught and the skills developed are specifically philosophical in orientation.

In addition to its strictly academic mission, the programme seeks to offer students the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and analytical skills to contribute, in a critical and original manner, to public discussions on current philosophical, political and social issues. This aim is expressed in the emphasis the programme gives to research on political and practical questions.