At the beginning of the PhD Programme, the Academic Committee, taking into account what is proposed by the Admission Committee, will designate a professor from the faculty as a guide professor for each student. The student, together with his teacher, must prepare a Training and Supervision Plan that defines and schedules the work to be carried out during the years of the Programme.

The plan must contain all the activities that the student will carry out, including research initiatives, courses, instances of supervision during the four years and, in the event that they seek the double degree with another institution, the conditions that must be met. In addition, you must indicate the tentative date of submission of the article for publication, since its approval by a indexed journal is a requirement to be in a position to defend the degree thesis.

The Training and Supervision Plan must be submitted to the Academic Committee for approval, within a maximum period of three months from the start of the Programme. However, if with the progress of the research it is necessary to make modifications to the initial plan, the student, with the consent of their guide teacher, can request the changes to the Academic Committee.